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Cherokee Gives Back marketing brochure

The goal of the Cherokee Gives Back campaign was to recruit volunteer interns for its project in Ethiopia. It cried out for a well-crafted wordmark or tagline that would synch well with the psyche of the college-age-plus prospects. It should create an immediate association with the program’s wonderful opportunity to engage the world and for the prospect to “make a difference, make their mark” in this area of the world so desperately in need of guidance as it began the transition into the modern age of global opportunity. Importantly, it should trigger an innate opportunity for adventure with a group of like-minded young professionals sharing the same sense of making a difference.

The overall Cherokee Gives Back recruitment campaign was in need of an anchor collateral component with multiple functions. Our solution was a folding mail piece that had an engaging front panel, quick to get the attention of the prospect and invite them to unfold the piece, exposing further and further the details of the program, like peeling away layers of an onion. Copy used well-honed but brief tags. Eventually the prospect realized they were holding a clever poster-sized piece suitable for their dorm, bedroom or office wall!

The final product was a fold-out brochure/poster promoting the mission and programs of Cherokee Gives Back, the philanthropic arm of Cherokee Investment Partners.

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