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Ravenscroft School Identity Package

A complete identity package, including logo assessment, design solutions, and a comprehensive visual identity guide were created for Ravenscroft School. Strategic tools used included focus group testing, branding development, research and analysis, and ongoing support and evaluation. The branding and marketing initiative for Ravenscroft was focused on creating a school-wide, consistency of message and style, while allowing each of the educational areas to keep their unique autonomy. Having a Lower School, Middle School and Upper School presented challenges to appeal to parents with differing developmental agendas, but the same end goal in mind — an adjusted, well-rounded child.

Visual Identity Guide

  • Date: 07/01/2006
  • Categories: Branding, Higher Education, Logo, Recruitment
  • Client: Ravenscroft School
  • URL: http://www.ravenscroft.org/

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